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When Birdy Sights a Bird

Sometime back, Birdy was casually walking in the campus, feeling good after a nice meal, when she saw some birds. Birdy being Birdy being bird-lover, she stopped a while to stare at the birds. I, having little else to do, also stopped. The air was crisp and spring was in the air with the birds

Chunxi Lu and Kuangzai Xiangxi

That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? Not to worry – these were just some pretty roads that we went to on Sunday. The week before we had gone to Hosa Fitness where we met the lovely Xiao Feng, a trainer there. Xiao Feng is an excitable young woman in her early 20s – prone to fits

Badminton Fun

I have been a bit behind in my posts – it’s unbelievable just how quickly the hours rush past here. I came here to China thinking I would spend a lot of time writing – not just this daily journal of my thoughts and adventures in China, but also a book of short stories I

Hot Pot Fun

I thought I would spend my Friday kind of just lazing around in my room. But Sophie texted asking if we would like to join “us” for a hotpot dinner. Initially I thought I wouldn’t go, but then Birdy pulled a face saying she didn’t want to be only vegetarian in the group, so I

Damp Games

Chengdu yesterday was in the midst of what our beloved meteorologists in Bangalore might call a ‘depression.’ And depressing it was too. Dank, dark and damp, it just grew progressively worse. Yoke and Birdy had the brilliant idea of playing some badminton in the evening. Yoke was away in the afternoon at the PSB, but

Ren Ren La

Isn’t that a rather cute name for a department store? That’s where I spent a major part of my Saturday. My day began with rather a bang. Last week, there were some flyers posted all over about March being a free workout month. Life Stream was the name of the fitness center it led to.

A Week…Almost

It’s been almost a week since I came back from Emei Shan. My legs still ache and quiver like jelly when I see steps or stairs of any kind. But this week, I have had to climb steps of a different kind. Monday saw us open Chinese lessons in the B1 level. This was decided

A Flower

I am back from an exhilarating and excruciatingly painful journey to Emei Shan. Trip report of that will come shortly, but first I must go back a week. Last Sunday, I went to Tianfu Square, which is the center of Chengdu. I had mentioned then that the Square was just crawling with cops. It seemed

Some Other Faces

Finally, after a few days of seeing just Birdy, I get to meet a few of the other foreigners here. Just around the corner of the university gates are a few restaurants. Many of them are run by Muslims. Probably because Xinjiang Province is close by. They are quite distinctive from Han Chinese. You can

Jiali Fu

That’s Carrefour in Chinese. A short 1-km walk from the university gates, and there it was. It being a Monday, there was not much of a crowd. Our purpose in walking here was to find a towel, or maojin as it is called in Chinese. A bath towel, if you please. What I like about