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Wenshu Yuan

Today morning dawned…well, no different from the other yesterdays. Chengdu seems to be almost always dreary. I haven’t seen a blue sky yet. Dark. Grey. A hint of rain. Damp. That is about it for the weather. I wonder what job a weather forecaster would have here. Weather forecast for tomorrow? Wet, cold and chance

Hot and Cold

It’s around 8 degrees Celsius. My fingers move slowly across the keyboard. There is no heating in this room apart from an AC. I sit  here, clad in my full-length jacket. Outside, the sky is gray. This is Chengdu. This is where I am – at the university studying Chinese. For the next 4 months,

Standing Against Time

Standing Against Time, originally uploaded by soulmuser. Sometimes, on days when the sky turns too blue…I look at one or two photos, and it makes me happy to think that I was there once too. Standing together, me and the temple – waiting to turn time not knowing that it had turned already.


I have tears in my eyes as I write this. It’s September 16th, a date that has no significance for me whatsoever. Except that it does. For the most unaccountable reason, I suddenly missed my brother.  Perhaps it has to do with reading this fascinating book by Sue Minns called Soulmates. In that, she rips

The Ethics of Being Indian

This a rant post. Or a rave post. It’s a bit of both. But for a change I am not cribbing about my life. Nor am I musing about its changes. No, for a change, all I have to ask here is for some change. This might anger ‘patriotic’ Indians, but it’s a democracy, right?

Be+Ing and Potatoes over Cactus

This is a rambling post. Read at your own risk. No offence to anyone intended.    To be or not to be. Poor old Hamlet’s existential dilema has been churned into so many movies, plays, books and even greeting cards that it is exists now as one of the fastest ways to cull yourself into

The D-evil

There were no horns, no mask, not even a faint rippling memory of a blood-stain. My devil was just an unpretentious fellow, always lounging by the corner. Every day, when I passed him by, I would see him smile. And I would think to myself, “don’t you dare come to me today.” Just leave me


I woke up this morning tasting life in my mind. Feelings, emotions, thoughts all compressed into one moment. 24 hours of these moments. Intense expression. Distance suppression. It seemed like I had floated away, and all that was left of me was free to wander. And see. And think. And feel. In visceral clarity. I

Muddled Head

Image via WikipediaToday is Tuesday. I have vacillated from utter despair on Sunday to a slight relief on Monday, and now back to my nagging worries on Tuesday. I wrote a mail to Stathy asking her to write to Rohit and tell him thank you for creating a favicon. He was great in doing that

No More

It seems that I have this running battle with happiness. I try hard to maintain an amicable relationship with her but happiness doesn’t like me much. Perhaps she feels claustrophobic as me. Whoever tries to hold on to me will never obtain me. So too with happiness. Leave it alone, perhaps it may come but