The D-evil

There were no horns, no mask, not even a faint rippling memory of a blood-stain. My devil was […]


I woke up this morning tasting life in my mind. Feelings, emotions, thoughts all compressed into one moment. […]

Muddled Head

Image via WikipediaToday is Tuesday. I have vacillated from utter despair on Sunday to a slight relief on […]

No More

It seems that I have this running battle with happiness. I try hard to maintain an amicable relationship […]

Tears of Mind

I am clearly not normal. There are tears in the fabric of my mind. Great rotting holes in […]

Rage I care not

I turned here to write. But it seems I can’t do much of it. I am asked why […]

Pipe Dreams

Oh! My left eye is fluttering! My mother always tells me that if the left eye flutters, it […]


Ah, I have spent the last two weeks (has it been that long since I wrote here?) being […]