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Black and White

Watching the furor over the Salman Khan verdict, I couldn’t help but be bemused. This was a film star I grew up adoring. The one who brought biceps to the big screen. There are discussions all over the Internet. Was he in the right? Was he in the wrong? And if he was wrong, surely,

The Patron Saint of Lost Things and Lost People

It’s noon. Blistering heat. I have crawled through 15km of relentless traffic to reach Museum Road. I bargain with a security guard and park the car in an office parking lot. The roads all around Museum Road and St. Mark’s Road are a trekker’s paradise. You would have to navigate past slushy pools lying dormant

The Art of Driving

I have been reading this book called Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walters. Juxtaposing past and present with equal ferocity, I feel myself being yanked back and forth into time periods that we never can in real life. That’s why we love reading so much. The tenacity of knowing that we can cling to illusion and

When A Run Does Not Mean Running Away

I think I am guilty of that – sometimes, I feel I have run away from problems. Every time I am unhappy, I find myself flying to China. But then, I think that’s not running away – it’s running towards happiness. Today, I ran a different race. For the first time ever, I ran a

Endings and Beginnings

A few years ago – was it almost 6 or 7 years ago? – when I left China I wrote to a good friend of mine about the ending of one stay – she wrote back saying that all endings are beginnings. It stuck in my head. Just as one thing turns over to an

Some Days Are Like This Only

I have had a very happening day. It’s odd how we spend days together seemingly closeted in a little space of inaction, and then there are days like today where it seems that all of life’s clowns have gathered together to pull your ears and twist your elbows and dive their fingers through your nose.


Yesterday, one of my good friends, Birdy, did something absolutely amazing. No, she didn’t fly to the Moon and back. She did something better than that. She reached out to an ex-friend. What’s amazing about that? It is. I am in awe. Physical acts are hard to perform. We all admire the ones who run

I Hate Saturday

Every Saturday. I just hate them. I can’t recall the last time I was happy on a Saturday. Some of the worst things in my life have happened on a Saturday. Hell, I was born on a Saturday! Can’t get worse than that! I like the Indian name for Saturday – Shani Var. I think

Peeping into the Past. Or Whereabouts.

I had the most delicious weekend. The sort of weekend that leaves you gooey inside, like molten cheese and chocolate. That reminds you that happiness is really within reach. That there can be wonderful people who can enrich your moments. Who can turn those moments into life. Among the many moments this weekend provided, one

When To Give an Arse

I think I detect a subtle shift in my inherent body mechanism. We come to grips with life armed with some practiced responses. Conditioned reactions. Throughout we are taught to control. As a kid, we are told, “now, stop crying.” And we learn. We try not to cry. We are told to be polite and