Weird. Me.

They call me weird. Freak. Crazy. They call me mad.They call me weird because I talklike the truth […]


Sometime back, a person very dear to me, messaged me in anguish, saying that she felt upset in […]

Urban Myths

Living in a city, people say, is death for the soul. The urban chaos of modern living makes […]


Today, I just wanted to write just how incredibly blessed I am. In between the moanings and musings […]


RIP the Internet, gently suggested a headline. I didn’t read the article, but it made me wonder. I […]

Past Memories of Present Tense

Last night, I slept late. By my standards. At 11:30. I stayed up reading Anne Tyler’s The Ladder […]

Brush with a Thief

Today, I went shopping. It was only meant to use the birthday money my Dad had given me […]


The cat came down the steps. Paused. It saw only the milk. Drank the milk. And turned down […]


adj.    1. Of, affecting, or being on or near the surface: a superficial wound.   2. Concerned with […]