Isn’t it interesting that the word ‘idiot’ is derived from the Greek work ‘idiotes’ which means a “a […]

The Mirror

Apropos to a previous post, I decided to practice what I prattle. So I looked in the mirror. […]


Serendipity.Synchronicity. Simplicity. Of the three, I like simplicity the best. I consider myself a simple soul. That makes […]


What do you say when you have the verve for life, and the inertia of living? You say […]

Doing WroRig

That’s my word of the day. It’s a combination of Wrong+Right. I intend to use these for those […]

The Cat and Infinity

The cat crawledinto the seawatching the wavescarry its lifeit still had 8 more to go. Watching the catthe […]


I investigated my soul and found that it had fled yesterdayI looked beyond yesterdayand found that it had […]

Spinal Shock

Sometimes you find shock when you don’t expect. The kind of shock that creeps up slowly on you, […]

Looking or Going

When you look at the surfaceYou wish to go deeper When you go deeperyou only findwhat was always […]

Weighing Scales

I weighed myself today. And found I was still the same. Those scales though only measure the body. […]