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Past Memories of Present Tense

Last night, I slept late. By my standards. At 11:30. I stayed up reading Anne Tyler’s The Ladder Years, which was not worth the staying up for. But well, reading. Can’t blame its hold on me. 🙂 It’s stronger than any person so far! In between, the fragments of a dream. I don’t recollect the

Brush with a Thief

Today, I went shopping. It was only meant to use the birthday money my Dad had given me months ago. I ended up using that and Rs2000 more. But that’s fine, all the money in the world is useless if I don’t spend it on myself. So I was at this place – Brand Factory,


The cat came down the steps. Paused. It saw only the milk. Drank the milk. And turned down the steps where it lay by the fire, curling up and warm. The dog came down the steps. Bounding with life. It saw the milk, but looked for its master to offer the milk. Master said “yes,”


adj.    1. Of, affecting, or being on or near the surface: a superficial wound.   2. Concerned with or comprehending only what is apparent or obvious; shallow.   3. Apparent rather than actual or substantial: a superficial resemblance.   4. Trivial; insignificant: made only a few superficial changes in the manuscript. Thesaurus adjective    1. Lacking in


Isn’t it interesting that the word ‘idiot’ is derived from the Greek work ‘idiotes’ which means a “a person who lives only for themselves?” Interesting. I would love to turn it over in my mind because that draws such a line between loving your self and leaving your self to others. And then we have

The Mirror

Apropos to a previous post, I decided to practice what I prattle. So I looked in the mirror. This mirror – it is no ordinary mirror. It is like those body scanners that  work in airports, that rip your clothes off, and shred your so-called modesty to the world. Why did modesty ever become associated


Serendipity.Synchronicity. Simplicity. Of the three, I like simplicity the best. I consider myself a simple soul. That makes me very complex. And then there are some numbers that synchronize. Just as your relationship with that person does. In sync they say. And so I found that 9th and 30th will always always always be on


What do you say when you have the verve for life, and the inertia of living? You say “ververtia.” I like coining new words, I just realized. Vladimir Nabokov too had a particular fondness for creating new words. Esteemed company indeed! So, what do you do when you suffer from ververtia? It’s a peculiar state

Doing WroRig

That’s my word of the day. It’s a combination of Wrong+Right. I intend to use these for those times when we really don’t know if we have done the right thing or the wrong thing. In my case, WroRig can be used to pretty much describe everything in my life, including my rather free-floating, free-falling

The Cat and Infinity

The cat crawledinto the seawatching the wavescarry its lifeit still had 8 more to go. Watching the catthe man crawled into the seaand watched the wavescarry his lifeHe still had infinity to go. For some bizarre reason, this seems to resemble Khalil Gibran. I don’t want to write like that masterful writer. Sigh. I only