Pickled Poetry

Ragged edgeson a serrated knifecan cause no harmunless they meetyour hand. Knives are harmless. Unless they meet skin. […]

An Encounter

Life came to me the other day, and said,”Hey! what’s the matter?” Perplexed, I asked in return, “What? […]

Unknown Reaches

Today, I received a mail from a stranger. A good friend of mine once passed on this quote […]

When a Dream Fails

The other day, Serena Williams, that wonderful athlete won Wimbledon, and declared that it pays to believe in […]

The Air Within

Sack Saturdays. Strike it off the calender. Delete it from all records. I don’t remember a happy Saturday […]

Thirty Thoughts

It’s funny the thoughts that race through your mind when you are driving a bike through a seething […]

The Other Me is You

All too often it seems that writing fiction should be easier. After all, laying bare the feelings of […]

Material World

Here I was, on the Net, this vast compendium of information. Pages and pages of all the thoughts […]


Memories. Memories. Memories. All we have. Synapses of cells. Connecting the neurons of what we know with what […]