Partings and Meetings

It’s been almost 6 months since I left India. I came to China thinking that learning a new […]


It’s been a whirlwind week. First, there were exams. That has never been a favorite part of studying […]

The Enduring Fragility of Life

It’s a funny thing, this life. Last Thursday, I was sitting in this Turkish restaurant with one of […]

A Confession

I have this confession to make. I have become addicted. Everyday I dream of its seductive fragrance. I […]

A Quiet Week

Relatively. From wanting to update this blog everyday, I am now slipping to updating it just once a […]

Tough Week

That’s a pretty simple title for this post. Sometimes you run out of words, and then you just […]

Da Leaves and Xuchang Calls

Da was this interesting Thai woman I wrote about in another post. Sorry, I am just too plain […]

Pork Dumplings

Most of my friends know I am a vegetarian. However, most of them do not know why I […]