Green Ram

Tuesday was a holiday here, it being Qing Ming Jie or Tomb Sweeping Day. I was really happy […]

The Strange Case of Arabib

One of my good friends, Voozy, was very fascinated with the story of Arabib, the girl from Tunisia […]


I am really sorry to those wonderful people in my life whose mails I haven’t responded to yet. […]

Ni Mang Ma?

Are you busy? That’s what the subject of this post means. It’s also what I increasingly find myself […]

Love in Tunisia

Arabib lives on the same floor as my room. I first met her when she was standing outside […]


Wangba is what you call an Internet Cafe here. Yesterday, after a strenuous workout at the gym, we […]


It’s the weekend! Doesn’t matter if you are a student or working, weekends are always welcome. Especially after […]

A Tale Of Two Lives

Most of my posts here have been reading pretty much like a journal about what I do in […]

Some Fun. Most Learn.

That’s my life so far. Not that many are interested in finding out these little bits about my […]