Jin Li Street

Right on time, Yoke (that’s not his name, just a phonetic approximation of his German name), knocked on […]

Strange Encounters

The other day, waiting to cross the road at the main gate of the university, we hear a […]

Comfort Zone

Yesterday I received my standard daily newsletter from Craig Ballantyne. I hate that guy. After each of his […]

Dribble Drobble

At this time of the day, I normally would be in the gym. Today, resting with an aching […]


And so it has happened. It’s supposedly another year. I woke up not feeling any different. Raucous music […]

The End…Of The Year

Not quite there yet. Today is just the 30th. It’s funny how we devise a year – and […]

Leaving the Remains

I read Kazuo Ishiguro’s Remains of the Day last week. Stevens, the butler, somehow remains in my mind. […]


Coming back from lunch on Saturday, my sister entered my room, and exclaimed, “Wow. Your room looks so […]

The Pursuit of Happiness

That was a lovely Will Smith movie. The Pursuit of Happyness. I watched it some three years ago, […]