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Wangba is what you call an Internet Cafe here. Yesterday, after a strenuous workout at the gym, we went over to an Internet cafe we saw close by. The place was HUGE. There must have been a 100 machines there. Most of the Chinese I saw at the Internet bar were either playing games or


It’s the weekend! Doesn’t matter if you are a student or working, weekends are always welcome. Especially after you have worked hard during the week – in my case, cramming characters inside the very limited space called my head. Today was yet another test, and I did slightly worse than last time. It takes great

A Tale Of Two Lives

Most of my posts here have been reading pretty much like a journal about what I do in China. One of my friends, Tee, was lamenting the other day that she liked my other blog, better. I haven’t forgotten about that blog – however, Blogger is not accessible in China, and I started this

Some Fun. Most Learn.

That’s my life so far. Not that many are interested in finding out these little bits about my life, but I go on anyway. The soulful warrior out to paste these little thoughts from some inane corner of my mind, and herald it from the rooftops of the Internet. That’s me. Yeah. Since the Sunday

Jin Li Street

Right on time, Yoke (that’s not his name, just a phonetic approximation of his German name), knocked on the door. Dawei was ready too, and we thought we had to wait for Chun, the South Korean student to join in. Yoke had a surprise – he invited an Italian girl called Roberta with the R

Strange Encounters

The other day, waiting to cross the road at the main gate of the university, we hear a voice behind. “Do you know where I can find turmeric?” I turn around, and there is this man in a green mask pulled halfway across his face. “Turmeric?” I ask. “Maybe you can try asking at any

Comfort Zone

Yesterday I received my standard daily newsletter from Craig Ballantyne. I hate that guy. After each of his workouts, my one wish is to hunt him down…and…well, I don’t know what I would do if I meet him – but he is freaking awesome. Intense workouts are here to stay, hate it as I must.

Dribble Drobble

At this time of the day, I normally would be in the gym. Today, resting with an aching back, I instead read The Partisan’s Daughter. I feel I have missed something. I am restless. I have a bag of popcorn. Not what I should have had. I feel guilty after having it. It was not


And so it has happened. It’s supposedly another year. I woke up not feeling any different. Raucous music from a club nearby kept me awake till midnight, and then fireworks kept me awake for another half an hour. I could hear the screeching. The hooting. Screams as I lay in my dark room with the

The End…Of The Year

Not quite there yet. Today is just the 30th. It’s funny how we devise a year – and celebrate its end and beginning at the same time. Nothing can end without something beginning at the same time. And the other way around too. This concept of the year – we know it exists in our