On 9.02.09, I wrote the below poem. I try and think why I wrote this. I don’t know. […]

Scorn Soul

Another poem I discovered in my Gmail drafts. Writing poetry can be cathartic and therapeutic. I must have […]

On Being

A friend of mine sent me this link in the morning. It’s a beautiful page and was just […]


Day turns into the corners of my mind,Tuning to the whispers of its underground. A tramp was I. […]


The walls are whiteLemony in their warmthThrough the windowsStretch cement blocks of loveLabored testimonies that we humanscan build […]

Weird. Me.

They call me weird. Freak. Crazy. They call me mad.They call me weird because I talklike the truth […]

Night Soul

When the fingers of the nightMoved up my bodyI felt not a tremornot an itchnot even the touchof […]


I woke up to a sea of mirages,Morning dewed andHappiness slewedThrough the dense foliage of a mindThat knows […]


Circles of sandpaper trail acrossAll the pieces of life I ownThe yawning gaps ofChurning memoriesLeaving their scars Across […]