Circles of sandpaper trail acrossAll the pieces of life I ownThe yawning gaps ofChurning memoriesLeaving their scars Across the internedRemains of the soul. Thousand forms of duskPart brittle tender husksMellowed in wine of the pastAnd cherished in the seed of hopeThrough the dark jagged riverFlowing green through my mind. A mind that runs its walkOn […]

September 6, 2009



Set to carve a waveI chose a sickleThe harsh metal cruel to touchGlinting in the razor sunThe mask eye of wisdom drawn Clasped I the sickleCurvaceous wood embers Slanting against withered skin The wave roseRose to the heights of the mind’s sky The sickle slashed the airSwooped down smiling at the endThe wave faltered trembledSkin […]

September 2, 2009

Cut the Cake


I am rehashing some old stuff I wrote here. Kinda appropriate considering my birthday is coming. The Big 30s! Here I come! Cut the cake, cut the cake, Chants hit the wall across An eternity of shame She didn’t know the words Didn’t know the tunes That wafted through a silly Mindless game. Somehow it […]

May 26, 2009