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Click Click

I have had a long weekend. Friday was a holiday, and it was a welcome recharge. I was asking a good friend of mine – how are you happy every day? Or rather not being sad in this the 21st century itself is a sign of happiness, is it not? “I just get through each

A Post That Can Have No Title

There are times when I think that I ought to write in this blog everyday. But then, I wonder, why make the effort? No one reads this anyway. Why would I want to post virtually anonymous ramblings of mine on a disjointed medium? Surely, there are friends to talk to than a computer? And yet,

Cannons of a Mind

These days it appears I write little. On the contrary, I wrote in a frenzy. I finished 40,000 plus words for a book and now I don’t know what to write. It’s like the thoughts that gave way to that writing burned themselves out. I search for the embers, the flickering spark amongst the dead


It’s been a while since I wrote here. Time plays such a cruel hand, I am sure if Time plays poker, we know who holds the aces all the time. But it’s not lack of time that has stopped me from writing here, but rather lack of something to write. Over the past two months,

To Converse or Not

The past few days I have been having an interesting conversation with a blogger friend of mine, one who I have never met. A conversation through emails. Discussions about the risks/benefits of taking a career break, about the crutches that women need to identify themselves with, and about the difficulties in leading an unconventional life

Comfort Zone

Yesterday I received my standard daily newsletter from Craig Ballantyne. I hate that guy. After each of his workouts, my one wish is to hunt him down…and…well, I don’t know what I would do if I meet him – but he is freaking awesome. Intense workouts are here to stay, hate it as I must.

Some Days Are Like This Only

I have had a very happening day. It’s odd how we spend days together seemingly closeted in a little space of inaction, and then there are days like today where it seems that all of life’s clowns have gathered together to pull your ears and twist your elbows and dive their fingers through your nose.


And so it has happened. It’s supposedly another year. I woke up not feeling any different. Raucous music from a club nearby kept me awake till midnight, and then fireworks kept me awake for another half an hour. I could hear the screeching. The hooting. Screams as I lay in my dark room with the

Wonders of Thoughts

There are times you go wondering if you what you meet is what you want, or what you want is what you meet. I am not sure what I mean by that myself. But I have noticed that the people I have met in the past few years have corresponded exactly with what I thought

The Miracle of Running

There is something so primordial about running. Maybe it’s in our ancestral genes. I don’t know. I don’t know who passed it on in my family, but it is in my genes, for sure. Last year, when I was watching the insides of my left knee, which the surgeon was kindly slicing through, I had