Colored Red

This was in my Gmail Drafts. I have reproduced it faithfully without editing. I remember writing this story […]

Meeting Old Age

The doctor’s diagnosis was swift. An orthopedic surgeon is what he called himself. That came with all the […]

Those That Grow Best

It was a shy afternoon in Koramangala, then one of Bangalore’s ‘emerging’ areas, when I first met Saanvi. […]

The Theft

It was a day just like any other. Except that it wasn’t. My father is in his corner, […]

Soul Surrender

I started writing this blog post last Sunday, on the 9th of October. I stopped at a point […]

Words Without Time

Tick tock, tick tock. The clock struck its own rhythm. She hated it. It seemed relentless. There was […]

This is the night

The wind howls. It tears at you, at your shirt, whipping its greedy fangs into its sleeves. But […]

The Box

Frances looked at the little box in her hand. She wasn’t sure how she came to be holding […]

The Gift

  Just a slight drizzle outside. Unseasonal. But then nothing was part of the season anymore. I peered […]