Away and Today

It wasn’t yet dinnertime. They usually had dinner at around 9PM, late by her standards, early by his. […]

Windows of Life

Infinite thoughts. Infinitesimal moments.And when they converge, the result is a perfect memory. To be framed and hung, […]


Walking around in the graveyard, little flowers peeked underneath the grass. Long blades of grass. Shifting in the […]


I like mangoes. A lot. Cliches call it the king of fruits. I wonder if there is a […]

The Bus

It’s always like this. I take two buses to office. I get down at this old part of […]

A Wedding.

He looked at the clock ticking away. It was already 9PM. Dinner crumbled in his hands, a mash […]


I could hear the quiet calmness outside. Life seems to be like this. It goes in some rhythm. […]

An Encounter

Life came to me the other day, and said,”Hey! what’s the matter?” Perplexed, I asked in return, “What? […]


It was a small night. Whispers of a moon passed her path. Above, the stars gentle as they […]