Category: Short Stories

Just a lift

The elevator door closed with a shut. He stepped inside. Gold rimmed the walls. The carpet was slightly stained. He glanced down, wondering how many people must have walked on it, stepped on it, waited on it. “Like me,” he thought wryly. 39. 38. 37. 36. The doors swung open on 35. For a moment,

End of Hope Beginning in End

It was a quiet sky. The rages of purple, orange and gold that had slashed the sky just moments before were now gone. Disappeared like a breath of cloud into the last rays. The sun had long gone. I stood for a while watching the sun. He had been oppressive today. Harsh, unrelenting with a

Of a Pebble

More rehashing. I bought some trousers yesterday, after going to four different shops, and trying on at least 50 pairs! Why don’t they make trousers in labels rather than sizes? Like here : a trouser for you – moody, irascible, sarcastic, with Indian legs, and an universal mind. Or why doesn’t someone invent a trouser-cloning