Mustagh Ata

It’s not easy to miss Mustagh Ata. This majestic mountain towers over Karakul Lake, a guardian of its […]

Kashgar Again

July 9th It’s still drizzling in the desert when we pack up and leave. I tried running before […]

Desert Adventures

Here was the plan. Pitch tent somewhere in the Taklamakan desert. Grill some meat and a potato or […]

The Taklamakan

July 8th Kashgar’s sun signs a bright midday-kind of heat even though it’s early morning. The skies are […]


July 7th Kashgar or Kashi – this famed city of the Silk Route. It’s history is beguiling, but […]

Chaos in Korla

July 5th and 6th I refused to rouse myself from the cozy cool environs of John’s Cafe as […]

Sightseeing Turpan

July 4th Unlike the hazy, cloudy day that greeted us yesterday inĀ  Turpan, today, as I draw the […]

Turpan Arrives

July 2nd and 3rd As the train chugs into Gansu Province, the landscape changes. Green gives way to […]

The Long Train to Xinjiang

Date: July 1 It’s July 1st. The first day of an epic journey across China’s least explored provinces. […]