Jin Li Street

Right on time, Yoke (that’s not his name, just a phonetic approximation of his German name), knocked on […]

The Pinnacle and the Abyss

It is around 7:30 when Mr Lin, the tracksuit Red Bull energy bar, knocks on our door. He […]

Losing The Way

I sit here in my room with the temperature slowly warming up. Spring is almost here even though […]


Ah, I have spent the last two weeks (has it been that long since I wrote here?) being […]

Sunday Search

For the second time, I boarded the Star Ferry. A cultural icon by itself, the ride is all […]

Buddha’s Bar

Saturday morning is twinkled with showers of sun and rays of rain. Clouds dash in and out, casting […]

Man Mo Mo in Hong Kong

Early morning dawned in a drizzly haze across Hong Kong. The view from the apartment was breathtaking. The […]

Last Day in Shenzhen

I think I really should promise myself not to visit Shenzhen again. Yet, two years ago, as a […]