Flowers and Bees


Do you ever get this feeling at the end of a full day that you just have done nothing at all and you have no words to write at all? Yet that day would be so full of things to do and surprises to be had like ice creams by the cone. Today was one […]

May 6, 2007

Terra Incognito


“Terra Incognito.” Unknown terrain. That phrase stuck in my mind ever since I heard it first on this mindblowingly fascinating BBC television series -Planet Earth. This is one of those DVDs that must adorn every home on earth. I wish relentless poachers around the world who scavenge an animal for its fur, tusks or worse […]

May 5, 2007

Crude Rude


Bizarre day today. A dark cloud of lightning sparking in my mind. It all started with and ended with nothing. After all the rush of words yesterday, today is a blank page. Another one of those days that pass by in meaningless chatter of the crude rude. Aye, that is my new phrase. To define […]

May 4, 2007

Ode to Monumental Ignorance and Stupidity


Yes. I am frustrated. And strangely enough, not with myself. This is my ode to someone who believes in ruining a life that is easily led in a disturbing chaos of un-mindedness. People lie their thoughtsThrough oases of ignoranceCloak their armorIn shrouds of defenses If love is to understandThen fatal it is to be trueFollies […]

May 3, 2007

End of the sea


Sad to begin a post on such a morose note. But today is the last day of the bliss of Sanya. Perhaps, I shouldn’t use the word bliss. The last two days of sea and sun and rain have been bliss. But what hasn’t been bliss is the feeling of being let down. Now that […]

May 2, 2007

Cheap Flights of Fancy


Can you believe it? Landed a great fare from Sanya to Zhengzhou for just 600RMB! Now, that might still be expensive by Indian standards – but remember this is a 3-hour flight from the southernmost tip to all the way in the north! And it tops what has been a really luxurious holiday! Ok, granted. […]

May 1, 2007

Day of Surprises and Revelations

China, Travel

Today is the day for which Birdie and I came to Sanya. Birdie’s birthday! And today is the day that has left me in a strange paroxysm of rage. I know I am a bit of a strange head, if I may call it so. I act crazily, stupidly, and weirdly and add all the […]

April 30, 2007

Sunday Siesta


Morning dawned here in Sanya in a haze of dusky dawn. The sun filtering its shafts through the roof of the sky. There was just no time to waste. None at all. To the beach. Jane’s Backpackers Hostel has to be among the best places I have ever stayed in. “Just a 3- minute walk […]

April 29, 2007

Message in a Bottle


Saturday. Two classes that were such a waste. The first class barely a student turned up. Mr Ni came and looked around and was I think, embarrassed beyond belief. After all, it was he who insisted on these bizarre Saturday classes! Watched another round of movies. But the real movie was just beginning. Only just […]

April 28, 2007



It’s happening! Birdie and I are on our way to Sanya! Whoa boy! Who would have ever thought it possible! I have circles under my eyes but I am off to see circles in the sky. I have a mind on a leash…waiting to be freed to fly on the azure sea. Today has been […]

April 27, 2007