Hot and Cold

It’s around 8 degrees Celsius. My fingers move slowly across the keyboard. There is no heating in this room apart from an AC. I sit  here, clad in my full-length jacket. Outside, the sky is gray. This is Chengdu. This is where I am – at the university studying Chinese.

For the next 4 months, this room, the equivalent of a 2 or 3-star hotel room is where I will be.

The room I have here.

Studying Chinese. Or rather trying to. Yesterday, there was a placement test. I am pretty sure I didn’t place very well on that. But there are good things in life. Chinese food is one of them. I have had my favorite tuduo si already. It was hot. It was spicy. Noodles are in plenty…and somehow as my fingers start to slowly freeze and I can type no more, I start to feel that maybe this is just what was needed – to unthaw a frozen heart.

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