On the Road to Burma

That post is a bit misleading. I am not on the road to Burma actually, or rather, that’s […]

Day 6- Spice and Fire

I love spicy food. Amend. I love food. And I also love spicy food. I came to the […]

Top 10 Things to do in a PG

I have realized that people LOVE lists. We love to figure out the top ways to do something. […]

Restaurant Review: Toast

Once in a while, Soul Muser will stop musing about the general lassitude of life, and instead focus […]

Day 2 in a PG

Have you ever slept on a bed with the plastic sheets still covering the mattress? Now, I can […]

The First Day in a PG

It sounds grand writing like this. At the end of another working day, I drive down 3.5km instead […]

Staying in a “Ladies PG”

It’s all very quaint and Victorian. We don’t call them PG for Women. Or men. It’s PG for […]