Partings and Meetings

It’s been almost 6 months since I left India. I came to China thinking that learning a new language would revive a ragged mind. I thought that going back to university would help me meet people from different cultures, and that interaction would broaden my own understanding and perspective of the world. What I thought


It’s been a whirlwind week. First, there were exams. That has never been a favorite part of studying for me. It’ s such a collective waste of time – an assessment that never provides fair indication of your ability. Anyway, exams are there to stay, much like sliced bread, and we have to take them,

A Tale of Two Hotpots

Last Thursday and Friday evenings were hotpot evenings. Katzka from the Czech Republic invited Birdy and I for a hotpot dinner. I was a bit unsure whether to accept or not – I don’t mind going for hotpot with classmates like Julie and Jorg. They are quite willing to conform to our vegetarian specifications. Usually,

Funny Meetings

Late on Sunday night, Silk messaged asking us to lunch the next day. She is leaving on the 24th to Shenzhen to begin a new phase of her life – her first job! Don’t we know it all! So, just after class, we arrange to meet her at the university’s South Gate. Silk is already

Chinese Corners

The other day, while having lunch at my favorite noodles place, I met a girl who looks remarkably Indian. I had been curious about her – I had seen her fleetingly, and she was usually with the Thais. There is another woman who looks so much like Rani Mukherjee, but is from Chile. Turns out

The Enduring Fragility of Life

It’s a funny thing, this life. Last Thursday, I was sitting in this Turkish restaurant with one of the most head-splitting migraines I have had in recent months. Julie and Royce were treating me – it was my birthday. A celebration of life. Even if I don’t particularly consider my life worth celebrating… This Thursday,

A Confession

I have this confession to make. I have become addicted. Everyday I dream of its seductive fragrance. I wake up wanting to get my fix as soon as possible. Not a day goes by without having it. I am not talking of a drug. It’s this “hate me or love me” spice called hua jiao

Quiet Days Drifting By

It’s been a while since I updated this blog. It’s been a quiet week relatively, although it doesn’t necessarily mean free days! Last Friday, it was fun meeting up with Silk in this coffee-house near the university called High Connections. The ambiance was cozy and comfortable. Spread over three floors, all laid out in wood,

A Quiet Week

Relatively. From wanting to update this blog everyday, I am now slipping to updating it just once a week. Sigh. Last Saturday, Ju-Jintsu, a South Korean woman in my class invited all of us for dinner. It was around 5PM when we met. Before that, Yoke had come along with us to this wonderful little

Cherry Picking and Silk

Last Saturday, Yoke called us to go “cherry picking, drink tea and play mahjong.” Are there better ways to spend a Saturday? Since I couldn’t think of any, we agreed. It was around 10AM when he came knocking on the door. The day was gloomy with a forecast of rain and we were wondering if