I don’t consider myself a writer of poems. I used to write a lot of poems when words […]

Colored Red

This was in my Gmail Drafts. I have reproduced it faithfully without editing. I remember writing this story […]


I was clearing the Drafts I have in my Gmail folders. I am a bit strange that way. […]

What I Read In April

“April is the cruelest month,” wrote one of my favorite writers, TS Eliot, in that magnum opus of […]

Meeting Old Age

The doctor’s diagnosis was swift. An orthopedic surgeon is what he called himself. That came with all the […]

What I Read In March

Oh, March! That Month of Madness. Mad as a March Hare was I. Bereft of sense was I. […]

What I Read In January

Only I would think about the books I read in January AFTER I finish writing a post about […]