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Everyday / Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Oh! My left eye is fluttering! My mother always tells me that if the left eye flutters, it is a sign of good luck. Or was it the right eye? Grin.

Today is a holiday in India. Gandhi Jayanthi. Today was also the day of a cricket match between India and Australia. I just finished watching it – India roundly thrashed by Australia, and the mood of the nation is now desolate. Funny how a game can make people upset or happy depending on which team you are supporting.

Ah, but I am still not any better. The test results are still not out – maybe it might come tomorrow, and I will know then if what I am going through is just in the mind or something in the body. A few months ago, I was tempted to go for this course called Vipassana meditation. Hugely popular across the world, it is a combination of Buddhist meditation techniques. But there is a catch – you have to give ten days for it – and you have to spend the ten days in total silence. Not just physical conversation but even reading books, listening to music is forbidden.

I thought about it for a while – and I wondered really if I can go through that. Some of the ones who have taken the course have told about a profound transformation in their lives – the silence they are forced into speaks to finally help us speak to our inner space, and our soul. Some others can’t take the silence – they quit after a few days. Do you think you could make it through ten days in silence? For me, I wonder – I think I might – there are times in my life when I don’t feel the need to speak to anybody and maybe it might not be so difficult after all.

Here the weather is warming up again – rain on Saturday but sun the past few days. Once September passes, it is the beginning of a long dry season.

I have been feeling restless too – since July I haven’t travelled anywhere – not even a trip to Mysore. I find myself looking at the map of Asia wondering where else I could go for maybe 5 days in December. Cambodia is there – but ah, my heart, is in Japan. I wish I could see it – it would be roaring cold in that month – sigh, and I would be happiest in that cold – but still, it is all but a poor piper’s dream as of now, travel being a luxury that time has wrapped tight in her fist.

But at least we played a great cricket match today – Anku, Val, JAB, that irritating Ananth and I. Anku and I lost 4-3. But it was fun – and I enjoyed it…maybe enjoyment is too few to be had for far too long.

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