Ouch. This is tough. I am renowned for being quite prickly when it comes to touch. I tend to flinch from human contact and expressions of physical warmth. So, this word made me smile. I am not the snuggling sort unless it’s someone I am close to. That closeness might take years to develop or a day.

Then I think. Who says that you have to snuggle WITH someone? Why is snuggling associated only with the dependence of companionship? You can snuggle down in your sleeping bag. You can snuggle under your quilt or a favorite blanket. You can snuggle with a book. You can snuggle just about anywhere you feel. It’s not snuggling that matters. It’s just the feeling of touch. Of being one with someone or something in you. It’s the feeling of comfort we derive in knowing that things, at this moment, are just the way they ought to be.

In that sense, I want to snuggle with the Universe. I want to snuggle with the stars. I want to snuggle with Life. I want to snuggle with the myriad angry, bizarre, wonderful thoughts my mind keeps giving me. I realize I love a good snuggle as much as anyone else. Coziness and warmth. That’s what we so love.

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