Some Other Faces

Finally, after a few days of seeing just Birdy, I get to meet a few of the other […]

Jiali Fu

That’s Carrefour in Chinese. A short 1-km walk from the university gates, and there it was. It being […]

Hot and Cold

It’s around 8 degrees Celsius. My fingers move slowly across the keyboard. There is no heating in this […]


Ah, I have spent the last two weeks (has it been that long since I wrote here?) being […]

Sunday Search

For the second time, I boarded the Star Ferry. A cultural icon by itself, the ride is all […]

Man Mo Mo in Hong Kong

Early morning dawned in a drizzly haze across Hong Kong. The view from the apartment was breathtaking. The […]

Shenzhen Stings

Well, the D train got me through safely to Shenzhen. The only person who helped with the luggage […]

Guangzhou Chaos

I left Xuchang in a daze. A madcap journey across the central plains to reach the lushness of […]

Sugar Time

22 classes end on 22nd June. Smile. My sailor friend pointed that out to me. And so it […]