The Last Few Days

It’s been a while since I wrote here. And there is a reason for that – the Great […]


Time. How it rockets through these days! I cannot believe that I am reaching the day of what […]

Lounging in Luoyang

Did I actually see a sunrise yesterday? Not that sunrises are rare in this part of the world […]

Meaning of Life

As I write this on a lazy Sunday evening, the skies are exploding in a riot of colors. […]

Wind Wednesday

Last night howled its way with a shriek. It caught me unawares. Doors banged. Windows creaked in their […]

Blogs and Buggy Moods

The weekend has reached the end of the road. How did it ever go by? These 48 hours […]

Oodles of Noodles

Friday dawned in a haze faster than it could seem possible. Four hours of classes swirled by in […]

Just Another Day

Thursday’s are always carry that strange feeling with them. They are the “neither here-nor-there” kinda days. You know […]