Thank You For…

Gratitude. It’s a strange word, this. It has received an explosion in popularity over the last decade and […]

A Quiet Moment

I had read this prompt early this morning. I thought that I will honor this prompt. I shall […]

My Smile

I smiled when I saw the prompt for today. This photo of mine was taken in Edinburgh, Scotland […]


What a beautiful word. Nourish. I think of all the possible permutations in sound. Now Rich, if you […]

Today Is…

I like ellipses. In informal writing, ellipses are used to indicate a trailing-off thought or to express hesitation […]


I tried hard to think of something that would resonate with this word. Traditions. I have shirked them […]


Flowers dozing gently by the wayside or nodding in tune while you ran. The sun winking smiles even […]