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A Flower

I am back from an exhilarating and excruciatingly painful journey to Emei Shan. Trip report of that will come shortly, but first I must go back a week. Last Sunday, I went to Tianfu Square, which is the center of Chengdu. I had mentioned then that the Square was just crawling with cops. It seemed

Some Other Faces

Finally, after a few days of seeing just Birdy, I get to meet a few of the other foreigners here. Just around the corner of the university gates are a few restaurants. Many of them are run by Muslims. Probably because Xinjiang Province is close by. They are quite distinctive from Han Chinese. You can

Jiali Fu

That’s Carrefour in Chinese. A short 1-km walk from the university gates, and there it was. It being a Monday, there was not much of a crowd. Our purpose in walking here was to find a towel, or maojin as it is called in Chinese. A bath towel, if you please. What I like about

Wenshu Yuan

Today morning dawned…well, no different from the other yesterdays. Chengdu seems to be almost always dreary. I haven’t seen a blue sky yet. Dark. Grey. A hint of rain. Damp. That is about it for the weather. I wonder what job a weather forecaster would have here. Weather forecast for tomorrow? Wet, cold and chance

Hot and Cold

It’s around 8 degrees Celsius. My fingers move slowly across the keyboard. There is no heating in this room apart from an AC. I sit  here, clad in my full-length jacket. Outside, the sky is gray. This is Chengdu. This is where I am – at the university studying Chinese. For the next 4 months,