Nostalgia, my Father

I read the wonderful Bangalore Blue last month by Steven Carvalho. I was so delighted by the nostalgia […]


Another one of my strange drafts found in my Gmail. This must have been after a break-up. Something […]


On 9.02.09, I wrote the below poem. I try and think why I wrote this. I don’t know. […]

Scorn Soul

Another poem I discovered in my Gmail drafts. Writing poetry can be cathartic and therapeutic. I must have […]

Why I Write Here

I originally started blogging as a way of keeping alive my travel memories. Most of my blog posts […]


I have been followed by rain over the past 10 days. It has been raining almost every other […]

Mind The Gap

Yesterday, while I was on the Namma Metro, I was trying to read. The book was a crime […]


I was clearing the Drafts I have in my Gmail folders. I am a bit strange that way. […]