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Shenzhen Stings

Well, the D train got me through safely to Shenzhen. The only person who helped with the luggage was a non-Chinese. A curly-haired lad poetically called Oh Sun Moon. A Korean who was spending his summer vacation traveling. He had just come down from Shanghai, after spending time in Qingdao and was at 28, still

Guangzhou Chaos

I left Xuchang in a daze. A madcap journey across the central plains to reach the lushness of the south. Lynn, Spoon and Cissy were there to see us off at the station as was Ruby. At that time, I didn’t think I would miss Xuchang as much as I do now. Perhaps at that

Sugar Time

22 classes end on 22nd June. Smile. My sailor friend pointed that out to me. And so it is indeed. It is such a big pity though that the 22 classes end at 12:00PM and not at 22:00. These past few days I have been measuring time. Measuring it in little teaspoons. I feel that

The Last Few Days

It’s been a while since I wrote here. And there is a reason for that – the Great Firewall of China has decided to block access to Blogspot for the past ten days or so. Well, to say it is frustrating would be an understatement. So many things have happened since then. Everything is now


Time. How it rockets through these days! I cannot believe that I am reaching the day of what might be my last journey into China. Three more weeks to go. Where have all these months gone? I am filled with a longing for home – yet the wonderful joy of companionship that I had here

Lounging in Luoyang

Did I actually see a sunrise yesterday? Not that sunrises are rare in this part of the world but that I was awake early enough to see one! Yesterday was the day of the mad mad journey to Luoyang. The journey started on a fairly sane note. Ruby arrived at the dot of 6AM but

Meaning of Life

As I write this on a lazy Sunday evening, the skies are exploding in a riot of colors. Fireworks in the night. On a clear blue carpet. Lights to sparkle. Truly life can’t be better? Sadly, it ain’t so for me. I had the most awful cold the past week – still have. I think

Wind Wednesday

Last night howled its way with a shriek. It caught me unawares. Doors banged. Windows creaked in their hinges. Strange sounds erupted in the darkness. It seemed a strange epilogue to a day where my mind howled its own demands. 2PM – blazing sun. 34 degrees Celsius. Cycling in its heat, my mind a mass

Day of Surprises and Revelations

Today is the day for which Birdie and I came to Sanya. Birdie’s birthday! And today is the day that has left me in a strange paroxysm of rage. I know I am a bit of a strange head, if I may call it so. I act crazily, stupidly, and weirdly and add all the

Blogs and Buggy Moods

The weekend has reached the end of the road. How did it ever go by? These 48 hours that we so pitifully set aside as “our time.” And what hours it has been too! After a relatively sedate Friday morning, the evening exploded in a bang. Old memories of phone calls surfaced again. Unease in