Partings and Meetings

It’s been almost 6 months since I left India. I came to China thinking that learning a new […]

Chinese Corners

The other day, while having lunch at my favorite noodles place, I met a girl who looks remarkably […]


I am really sorry to those wonderful people in my life whose mails I haven’t responded to yet. […]

Qingcheng Back Mountain

Qingcheng Shan is a famous Taoist temple, but lurking behind it is the disdainfully named Qingcheng Back Mountain. […]


It’s the weekend! Doesn’t matter if you are a student or working, weekends are always welcome. Especially after […]

Badminton Fun

I have been a bit behind in my posts – it’s unbelievable just how quickly the hours rush […]

Some Fun. Most Learn.

That’s my life so far. Not that many are interested in finding out these little bits about my […]

Ren Ren La

Isn’t that a rather cute name for a department store? That’s where I spent a major part of […]